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How It Works

STEP 1: Get A Shipping Address

Register and receive a unique shipping address in the country or region you would like to shop from. When entering your delivery information, use the unique shipping address we provided you to get superb delivery rates or free shipping in most cases.

STEP 2: Shop Globally

Feel free to shop online or in store in the country or region where your shipping address is located. To shop in a different country or region, we provide a shipping address for that country or region.

STEP 3: We Deliver To Your Doorstep

We combine all your items into one shipment, even going as far as replacing items into more compact shipping containers, helping you save even more on your shipping costs.

Shipping Rate

Use our international shipping calculator to estimate your shipping cost from anywhere in the world to your door step.

Why Choose Us

We offer a customer-centred service with a level of flexibility that ensures our users’ needs and expectations are always satisfactorily met.
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Membership Plans.

We Have Flexible Plans To Meet Your Shipping Needs

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